Rubber Lining

Industrial Corrosion, Abrasion, Impact and Acoustic Resistance for Equipment and Secondary Containment

Omni partners with chemical, nuclear, food processing, industrial and municipal customers to protect their tanks and equipment by carefully preparing the substrate surfaces, applying appropriate linings, steam curing, and lastly, spark testing to verify lining integrity.

Craftsmen, with more than 100 cumulative years of lining experience, provide installation that ensures complete protection of lined surface. Proper selection of adhesives and linings, based on your unique operating and chemical conditions, provides longevity for your project. 

Vulcanized rubber linings are the “tried and true” method of protecting steel from chlorinated acids and other highly corrosive chemicals. Unlike new technologies, rubber has decades of proven success in handling these products, has impact resistance and abrasion resistance, offers acoustical protection, can be FDA compliant, and can be repaired. Omni is an approved rubber liner for Blair Rubber Company and Polycorp.

Whether onsite or at our facility, Omni is dedicated to providing safe, efficient service while delivering the quality work that ensures that our customers will call us for their next project.